Top 20 Asian Cities for Quality of Life

🏆 Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru at 10th and 12th respectively maintained their rankings for quality of life in Asia, a study said. This also implies that, according to the 2019 study of Mercer Quality of Living City Ranking, KL is ranked second in Southeast Asia behind Singapore.

In South Asia, New Delhi is placed at 162, “Mumbai (154) and Bengaluru (149) remained unchanged from last year’s ranking for overall quality of living, with Colombo (138) topping the ranking. In 105th place, Chennai ranks as the region’s safest city, while Karachi (226) is the least safe,” it said.

In Europe, Vienna is at the top, Zurich second and Munich third. All three cities also clocked in the same rankings on the global scale.

Munich shares the overall third place with Vancouver (Canada) and Auckland (New Zealand)

In the Middle East, Dubai (74) continues to rank highest for quality of living, followed by Abu Dhabi (78), but Sana’a (229) and Baghdad (231) are among the poorest performers in the region. 

In South America, Montevideo (78) is ranked highest, while continued political turmoil kicked Caracas (202) down nine spots.

The Mercer survey evaluates local living conditions in more than 450 cities worldwide. Living conditions are analysed according to 39 factors in 10 categories.




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